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Bolt to launch fifteen restaurants in UK

Bolt to launch fifteen restaurants in UK

Usain Bolt is set to open 15 restaurants in the UK serving classic Jamaican dishes and “burgers à la Usain”.

Adam Stewart Receives Jamaican National …

Adam Stewart Receives Jamaican National Award for Contribution to Tourism

Adam Stewart (right) Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sandals Resorts International receives the Order of Distinction (Commander class), for his outstanding service to tourism and the hotel sector...

Quality Service and Premium Canine Secur…

Quality Service and Premium Canine Security

All is not lost in security techniques in Barbados; in fact all should be well if you get to know the people associated with Premium Kennels located at Worthing View,...

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Soca Music's Jade Lopez Resurfaces with …

Soca Music's Jade Lopez Resurfaces with Major Motivational Triumph

Persistence is a hell of a thing. One entertainer’s undying passion and his heritage have fueled what will likely be a long and prosperous career in music. Trinidad and Tobago’s Jade...

Ricky T and Jah Cure team up for “Freaky…

Ricky T and Jah Cure team up for “Freaky Girls” remix

It has been more than a year now that “Freaky Girls” from Saint Lucia’s Ricky T has dominated fetes, events and airwaves in all corners of the globe including the...

Nassy represents for Tobago Tourism with…

Nassy represents for Tobago Tourism with latest track

The brand new musical offering by budding artiste Nassy entitled “D Tourist” has become the latest viral sensation to come out of the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago....

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Prime Minister, Hon. Tillman Thomas has called for a collaborative approach to “optimally preserve, renew and promote” Grenada’s heritage.

The Prime Minister was at the time peaking to the Fourth Willie Redhead Foundation Patrimonial Awards Ceremony.

He says efforts to preserve Grenada’s heritage require collaboration between government, private sector entities, private individuals and not-for-profit organizations, such as the Willie Redhead Foundation.

“It is of great value that we see the work of organizations, such as the Willie Redhead Foundation, as important, not only for the preservation and renewal of landmarks, but also because of the intangible benefits they produce,” the Prime Minister said.

Jamaica’s Finance Minister Audley Shaw has announced an increase in the tax on some alcoholic beverages in Jamaica.

A single Special Consumption Tax (SCT) rate will be applied based on the alcohol content at the rate of $960 per litre of pure alcohol.

This increase will apply to alcoholic beverages, vodkas, beers, stouts, wines, tonic wines, liqueurs, whiskey, gin, brandy and overproof rum among others.  The tax on tobacco he says will also be increased.

Meantime the Government is planning to spend $262 million less than it originally proposed when it presented the $503.9 billion budget in April.

The retail price of (LPG) has been increased from Bds. $146.55 per 100lbs cylinder to Bds $148.72; from Bds $39.23 per 25lbs cylinder to Bds $39.82 and the 20lbs cylinder from Bds $31.38 to Bds $31.86.

The increase in these prices took effect from midnight last night November 30th 2010.

This amounts to an increase of $2.17 per 100lbs cylinder, $0.59 per 25lbs cylinder and $0.48 per 20lbs cylinder.

In addition, the retail price of gasoline will move from Bds $2.44 per litre to $2.76 per litre; diesel from Bds $2.24 to Bds $2.39 per litre; and kerosene will be adjusted from Bds $1.45 per litre to Bds $1.51 per litre.

Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of the AIDS epidemic.  This milestone offers a moment to reflect -- and to renew our resolve.

Over the past three decades, AIDS has caused untold suffering and death.  But another story has unfolded through the years, one of the global communities uniting with passion to take action and save lives.  These efforts are making a real difference around the world.

Fewer people are becoming infected with HIV.  Millions of people have gained access to HIV treatment.  More women are now able to prevent their babies from becoming infected with HIV. 

Wednesday, 01 December 2010 08:18

PANCAP launches re-developed website

The Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP) has launched their re-developed website which aims to be the primary source of comprehensive and up-to-date information about HIV and AIDS programming in the Caribbean.

The launching is timed to coincide with World AIDS Day 2010, today, and the website is funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), United States Government.

According to a release from the CARICOM Secretariat, Turkeyen, it will be PANCAP’s main communication vehicle to inform a wide audience of stakeholders about PANCAP and so it will be regularly updated to include documents, project information, photos, news stories, activities and achievements from countries and partners across the region.

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