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Confession from three men, that they killed a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police in Barbados Featured


The Royal Barbados Police force was thrown in a state of shock ,  when the body of retired Assistant Commissioner of Police Frederick William Phillips was found on November 10th 2009 at his St Leonard’s Avenue, Westbury Road, St Michael home.

The 95 year old who lived alone in the two-storey wall house close to St Leonard’s Anglican Church, was discovered under a bed, with his hands and feet bound, in what appeared to be a robbery since his home was ransacked.

Yesterday June 27th 2011, three men confessed to the court that they were responsibile for the brutal death of Phillips.

Reports are that they inflicted a beating on him so that he can tell them where his valuables were.   He was then forced under a bed .From all reports the men left with nothing more than 100 dollars.

The men are: Andra Omar Troy Lashley, of Lower Burney, Wendy Charlemagne, of Hawkins Gap, Westbury Road; and Kevin Connell, of  Kensington Lodge, they pleaded guilty to the lesser count of murder.

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