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Bolt to launch fifteen restaurants in UK

Bolt to launch fifteen restaurants in UK

Usain Bolt is set to open 15 restaurants in the UK serving classic Jamaican dishes and “burgers à la Usain”.

Adam Stewart Receives Jamaican National …

Adam Stewart Receives Jamaican National Award for Contribution to Tourism

Adam Stewart (right) Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sandals Resorts International receives the Order of Distinction (Commander class), for his outstanding service to tourism and the hotel sector...

Quality Service and Premium Canine Secur…

Quality Service and Premium Canine Security

All is not lost in security techniques in Barbados; in fact all should be well if you get to know the people associated with Premium Kennels located at Worthing View,...

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Ricky T and Jah Cure team up for “Freaky…

Ricky T and Jah Cure team up for “Freaky Girls” remix

It has been more than a year now that “Freaky Girls” from Saint Lucia’s Ricky T has dominated fetes, events and airwaves in all corners of the globe including the...

Nassy represents for Tobago Tourism with…

Nassy represents for Tobago Tourism with latest track

The brand new musical offering by budding artiste Nassy entitled “D Tourist” has become the latest viral sensation to come out of the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago....

D’ Chancellor brings forth Carnival 2017…

D’ Chancellor brings forth Carnival 2017 track “Wajank”

The word ‘Wajank’ is a slang which originated in Trinidad and Tobago and is defined as a person who acts in an irresponsible or reckless manner. For Carnival 2017 Soca...

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010 12:38

New Baggage Rules for Air Jamaica

As of tomorrow Wednesday December 1st 2010, passengers travelling on Air Jamaica will only be allowed 16lb (7kg) in hand luggage, while executive business-class travellers will see a reduction from three to two pieces.

Although executive business-class passengers will now only be allowed to check two pieces of luggage, the weight has been moved from 50lb to 70lb each.

The airline made the announcement on its website, but many passengers and even some travel agents are not yet aware of the changes.

In a quick move, Air Jamaica's competitor, American Airlines, has increased its checked-luggage allowance from two to three, capitalising on the change made by the island's national carrier. American Airlines also does not charge for checked luggage, in comparison to other carriers that fly into Jamaica's airports.

Fellow Barbadians, I am pleased to be able to greet you on this the occasion of our 44th Anniversary of Independence.

Forty-four years ago, the Democratic Labour Party in government decided to take Barbados into independence within the Commonwealth of Nations. Barbados had, by the year 1966, been a colony of Britain for 339 years.

Not everyone in Barbados at that time thought it wise to seek independence. Some there were, who thought that Barbados was too small and too poor to survive as an independent nation; others thought that nationhood would turn out to be too expensive an undertaking and should be avoided; still others thought that with nationhood would come those threats to the functioning of our democratic institutions of which we should steer clear at all costs.

We celebrate today the completion of 44 years of independence and have confounded the prophets of doom, by the great leaps forward which Barbados has been able to make in the economic, social and political spheres.

In the economic sphere, we have been able, quietly and without disruption, to transform Barbados from being an island with a one crop agricultural economy to a nation with a modern and more diversified economy, in which tourism, manufacturing and international business now play a more prominent part.

In the social sphere, we have been able to use the instrument of increased and broadened access to education to release the creative energies and potential of our people, in ways that continue to claim the respect and admiration of people across our region and in the wider world.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010 11:15


Chief Immigration Officer, Erine Griffith, says with effect Wednesday December 1st there will be an increase in all fees at the Immigration Department.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says despite the elections are just a mere two weeks away his administration is making progress with the construction of the Argyle International Airport.

The Prime Minister has held recent discussions with the General Manager of the Taiwanese Construction Company, Peter Chen to conclude the agreement to construct the Terminal Building at the Airport.

He says all is in place for the construction of the terminal building.

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