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Adam Stewart Receives Jamaican National …

Adam Stewart Receives Jamaican National Award for Contribution to Tourism

Adam Stewart (right) Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sandals Resorts International receives the Order of Distinction (Commander class), for his outstanding service to tourism and the hotel sector...

Quality Service and Premium Canine Secur…

Quality Service and Premium Canine Security

All is not lost in security techniques in Barbados; in fact all should be well if you get to know the people associated with Premium Kennels located at Worthing View,...

Focusing on Health with 21st Century Onc…

Focusing on Health with 21st Century Oncology

Elizabeth Paucar Director of International Services, Medical Operations at 21st Century Oncology in discussion at 2013 ASCO Conferernce held in Barbados 21st Century Oncology pride themselves with being the premier provider...

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Ricky T and Jah Cure team up for “Freaky…

Ricky T and Jah Cure team up for “Freaky Girls” remix

It has been more than a year now that “Freaky Girls” from Saint Lucia’s Ricky T has dominated fetes, events and airwaves in all corners of the globe including the...

Nassy represents for Tobago Tourism with…

Nassy represents for Tobago Tourism with latest track

The brand new musical offering by budding artiste Nassy entitled “D Tourist” has become the latest viral sensation to come out of the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago....

D’ Chancellor brings forth Carnival 2017…

D’ Chancellor brings forth Carnival 2017 track “Wajank”

The word ‘Wajank’ is a slang which originated in Trinidad and Tobago and is defined as a person who acts in an irresponsible or reckless manner. For Carnival 2017 Soca...

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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 09:57

Can incompetence fill a vacuum?

By Melanius Alphonse

A “lame duck” in politics describes an elected official continuing to hold high political office pending the inauguration of a more recently elected successor. The official is often seen weak and loses the ability to achieve anything, having less influence with the legislature and the public at large.

21st Century Oncology is the premier provider of cancer care.  As the largest group of radiation treatment centers in the United States, 21C has been committed to providing excellent quality cancer care for patients from all over the world since our inception more than 30 years ago.

By Sophia Edwards-Bennett MD PhD DABR - 21st Century Oncology

Believing in Screening:
Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers in the Caribbean. Thus, colorectal cancer screening is important because it allows us the opportunity to detect cancer in its early stage, and in some cases, in its precancerous stage.

Monday, 03 August 2015 14:47

Prostate cancer: The truth, the myths and the hope

Written by editor
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By Dr. Anesa W. Ahamad, MD, MSC, FACR, DABR

Did you know that a blood test at age 45–50 can predict a man’s lifetime risk of dying of prostate cancer more so than his family history or ethnicity? Did you know that a man can increase his risk of prostate cancer by taking certain vitamins and supplements?

By Dr. Anesa W. Ahamad, MD, MSC, FACR, DABR

New research on breast cancer patients revealed in 2014 at the American Society of Breast Surgeons, held in Las Vegas showed that radiotherapy instead of surgery for cancerous lymph glands in the armpit gave less complications and easier recovery but the same survival rates.

By Eduardo Fernandez, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.R.O., F.A.S.T.R.O.

Board Certified Radiation Oncologist

Today, we are witnessing a progressive increase of cancer survival stage by stage, steady over the last four decades as it was recently published in The Lancet Oncology. Patients from the cancer registries of England and Wales were evaluated since the 1970s.

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